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        聯系電話:13858139799 (微信同號) [ 掃一掃 掃一掃 ]

              浙江興能鍋爐有限公司,是一家致力于盤管鍋爐(工業盤管蒸汽機)的 創新,集研發﹑生產﹑銷售﹑系統節能﹑服務于一體的高科技創新型企業。公 司制造基地位于浙江省紹興市越城區暢和路 9 號,公司占地面積 10000 平方米, 擁有現代化的適用于盤管鍋爐的專用生產設備,配備專用翅片管盤管機﹑螺旋盤 管機﹑卷板機﹑數控激光切割機﹑多功能專用自動焊接機﹑無損檢測室﹑水壓 試驗場地和設備﹑調試試驗專用場地和設施,自動煙氣分析儀﹑流量計量裝置等。 每臺設備都經過熱工性能調試合格后方可出廠。

              公司引入美國軍工盤管蒸汽發生器的設計理念,結合中國國情,開發出了一 款適用中國鍋爐法律和安全技術規范的盤管結構快速燃氣蒸汽鍋爐。在確保容水 量小于 30L 的基礎上,采用特殊翅片管和肋片管,采用多級強化傳熱方式,最大 程度的增大換熱面積,提高熱效率。該產品真正實現了免于中國特種設備安全監 管,符合新鍋規要求,同時具備安全﹑快速﹑高效﹑節能﹑環保﹑使用方便等一 系列性能優勢,為公司專有專利技術,在國內已經應用數年,產品質量穩定可靠, 取得良好的社會價值,為中國的節能減排事業做出奉獻。 所有盤管蒸汽鍋爐均采用當前相應的鍋爐標準制造,適用于中國﹑歐洲 PED 法規 PED 2014/68/EU﹑美國 ASME 和 UL 編碼,以及俄羅斯等更多國家。

                Zhejiang Xingneng BoilerCoLTD is a hiah-tech innovative enterprise committed to the innovation of coil boiler (industrial coisteam engine),which integrates research anddevelopment, production, sales, system energy saving and service. The  manufacturingbase ofthecompany islocatedinNo.9ChangheRoadYuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. The company covers an area of10,000 square meters and has modern special production equipment suitable for coil boiler. Equipped with specialfinned pipe coiling machine.spiralcoilina machinecoilingmachineCNC laser cutting machine. multi-functional automat ic welding machinenon-destructive testingroom.hvdraulic test site and eauipment. commissionina test site and facilities automatic flue gas analyzerflow metering device. Each equipment after the thermal performance debugging qualified before delivery.
                Thecompanyintroduced the American militarv coil steamgenerator desian concept. combined with China's national conditions
        developedacoilstructure fast aas steam boiler applicable toChinese boiler laws and safety technical specifications. On the basis of ensuring that the water capacity is less than30Lspecial fnned tube and fn tube are adopted, and multistage heat transfer enhancement is adopted to maximize the heattransfer area and improve the thermal effciency The product is exempt from the safety supervision of special equipment in China, in line with the requirements of the new pot regulations, and has a series of performance advantages such as safety, fast, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and easy to use. It is the company's proprietarytechnology and has been applied inChinafor severalyears.The product qualitv is stable and reliable. and good social value is obtained.
               All coil steam boilers are manufactured to the corresponding current boiler standard, applicable to China, European PED code PED
        2014/68/EUUS ASMEand ULcodes and more countries such as Russia.